NOSPR – with attention to the smallest detail

Look at the arrangement of soft, designer forms of furniture that harmoniously fit into the minimalist space of the main hall of the NOSPR, emphasizing the elegance and unique character of the building

When we learned about the planned construction of the NOSPR in Katowice, we wanted to take part in the design of its interiors from the beginning. We got in touch with the creator of this unique project – Tomasz Konior of Konior Studio. The way Thomas talked about his project right from the design stage impressed us very much and made us sure we should get involved. The task was not easy, as the interior architecture of the NOSPR is unconventional and very precisely thought out. We had to meet the requirements and propose equipment that will form a coherent whole with the architecture , will emphasize its uniqueness , and at the same time will be fully functional. Achieving this effect was only possible in close cooperation with the architectural studio, which literally knew the entire project perfectly in all the smallest details. We joined the project, which had been going on for some time. In addition to their own vision, the architects also had knowledge from many meetings and were well aware of the directions that had been implemented or rejected by the developer or construction company. In order to acquire this knowledge, we held a series of meetings with KONIOR STUDIO to develop the best possible solution for the site. This is because we understood that the smallest detail related to shape, texture, color must be consistent to complete the work. The attention to detail and quality in this project was top notch. We have tens of thousands of items to choose from, but they could not fully reflect the interior climate expected by its creators. In the end, after much brainstorming together, we developed much of the equipment according to individual designs. Determining the final solutions, however, was not the end of the road. We were facing a difficult passage related to the public tender. Ultimately, we won the tender and completed the project as intended to the ultimate satisfaction of the NOSPR management and the KONIOR STUDIO studio. We were concerned that the tender could be won by an irresponsible company that would not implement all the details and solutions that had been thought out and discussed beforehand Such are the laws of public tenders, in which price is the most important decision-making element. Now, when we admire the interiors of the NOSPR during concerts and events, we understand that we were part of an important puzzle in this project, that the furniture and fixtures in this type of project are just as important as the facade, floor, lighting or ceiling. We are pleased when the investor who makes decisions about the choice of equipment is aware of how the quality of furniture affects the final appearance of the entire investment. Unfortunately, in our practice, we still often encounter an attitude that neglects this element and, as a result, interiors finalized on a low budget do not look as expected. Many people recognize their mistake too late. Therefore, every day we make efforts to make investors aware of the role of furnishings in architecture, which is an important complement to the whole. We realize that our part of the realization falls on the final phase, where the funds are usually already on the finishing touches, therefore, to increase the possibility of purchasing, we also offer financial settlement in the form of long-term leasing as an option. Thanks to such an in-depth understanding of the process and the care and attention to detail, our company – Human Office Poland is now a leader in the commercial interior design industry. The modernity and innovation of our company manifests itself, among other things. In the design and production of their own interior design elements individually tailored to the specifics of each project.

NOSPR headquarters – it’s a building within a building. “The edifice is basically formed by two separate segments – the outer ring is the part exclusively for musicians. (…) Behind this ring is a huge atrium – a huge void cut into the body of the edifice. In its center rests a gigantic lump of a grand concert hall, which can be walked around from all sides,” the project’s author, Tomasz Konior of the Konor Studio architectural firm, describes it. The four-story outer ring hides a chamber hall (for 300 spectators), rehearsal rooms, dressing rooms, storage rooms, offices. The adjacent atrium – is a place for a café, restaurant, music bookstore. The heart of the building is the Great Concert Hall, enclosed in a separate block, which can accommodate up to 1,800 spectators. “Seen from the atrium, the room has graphite-black rough concrete walls with visible boarding. It resembles a lump of coal, or the walls of the seams of this mineral. Its presence is felt all the more strongly because the hall bulges out from the main entrance, which also makes it resemble the hull of an ark moored in the middle of the edifice. The austerity of the hall’s body contrasts with the atrium – the whiteness of its smooth walls and transparent ceiling,” this is how Tomasz Konior describes its aesthetic qualities. However, its most important advantage is its acoustics: developed by the Kozlowski Acoustics Studio and specialists from Japan’s Nagata Acoustics studio. We encourage you to visit this unique facility already highly regarded in the music world.

Project details
Lokalizacja: Wojciech Kilar Square 1, Katowice
Data realizacji: 2022
Metraż: 7874,80 m2
Architekt: Konior Studio

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