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Project Description

Hereby we present the realization of our company for the company FORTUM POWER AND HEAT with  Human office furniture.

Fortum’s core businesses in Poland are efficient combined heat and power production as well as heat distribution. The company aims to improve sustainability, meet the needs of local communities and strengthen its market position.

​Fortum has been operating in Poland since 2003. It currently has three CHP plants and over 800 km of district heating networks that serve around 360,000 households in the cities of Płock, Wrocław, Częstochowa, Zabrze and Bytom. The overall power generation capacity is currently about 200 MW and heat generation capacity is over 1,100 MW. Fortum has some 600 employees in Poland.

Fortum’s main areas of operation are the Nordic and the Baltic countries, Russia, Poland and India. In addition, we offer expert services globally. Fortum Corporation’s headquarters are situated in Espoo, Finland.

Having in plans to relocate the headquarters in Wrocław, Fortum has hired as advisers the specialists in interior architecture – WORKPLACE SOLUTIONS, who designed the plan of arrangement which met the demand requirements of the client. Architects have a demanding target to fit into the customer’s expectations because the company had planned to improve internal communication system with the relocation by changing the way of work from closed rooms to open space area. Thanks to the experience of architects from Workplace, the result was achieved.

To reward employees because of those changes, the company decided to invest in a high-end equipment like desks electrically adjusted for seat and stand as well as  ergonomic, high-quality workingchairs.

Architects supervised the work regulations starting on early stage of investment – they did the coordination of the suppliers but also they took care at the end of the process making the detailed selection of materials and preparing the design for the hand-painted themed wall graphics performed by graduates of the Academy of Fine Arts.

Our company in close cooperation with WORKPLACE SOLUTIONS has developed, manufactured and installed a complete equipment for this project.

In addition to working stations there are also located places for informal meetings, play rooms with Playstation, chilout zones for relaxation, small meeting rooms for individual phone calls or meetings one by one to larger conference rooms for meetings or educational trainings. Most of the rooms have soundproofing acoustic walls for better comfort. There are also many touch-down zones in the office for a quick meetings and easy exchange of information in between the workers.

Architects took care of the comfort of employees in the open space area providing additional acoustical soundproofing of acoustic wall panels. Also in the passageways the soundproofing panels are used in shape and colours adequate to the project design.

The project is characterized by a modern and interesting design and a philosophy equal with the philosophy of Human Office. We are very pleased that the company Fortum decided to select our company to carry out such a successful and interesting project.