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MediaCom – office in the city, city in the office

We proudly presents our latest supply of office furniture for the company MediaCom.

Meeting at crowded Zbawiciela square, conference at fully loaded National Stadium or a quiet moment of focus work at one of the finnish houses at Jazdow district? The new office of the company MediaCom is fully loaded which topographic and aesthetic inspired by the most characteristic attractions of the city of Warsaw.

Based on the Workplace architects’ research of the space usage and work style in various organization they have noticed that function strengthened with interesting design increase usage of particular spaces according to their destiny. Therefore they decided to use the best developed patterns and inspiration from urban space and look at urban planning analogy for the different areas of work in the office.

Choosing Warsaw as a place to refer to turned up to be obvious because of the office location. MediaCom Warsaw – media house that is a part of global holding wanted to highlight it’s local character. The reference to individual Warsaw motives from the very first day of the work in the new office simplified the recognition of spaces and naturally communicated their functions. From several dozen of Poland capital spots the architects had chosen nineteen that due to their function, unique character and recognition became direct inspirations. This way they created:

  • Zbawiciela Square – wide, open networking zone with kitchen,
  • Warsaw Centralna (Central railway station) – conference spaces dedicated to guests
  • Kopernik Science Centre – creative zone
  • University of Warsaw Library – work in silent/focus zones and meeting places
  • National Stadium – auditorium space, perfectly tailored to creative workshop activities, brainstorms etc.

All zones in the office and their components have naturally gave the construction workers the names and orientation in the office. They were quickly assimilated and functioned as the official names, which strengthened us in the accuracy of our assumptions.

The new MediaCom office is located on 3000 square meters and have got over 300 workers, flexible design allow to increase it almost up to 400 people. The office is designed based accordingly on the concept of activity based working, providing a wide range of possibilities and features. In such an environment, individual work desk is not assigned to the employee, but the total office space is shared by people employed in the company. The company is gaining a lot of flexibility due to frequent changes in the structure of employment.

The new MediaCom headquarter along with surprising aesthetic is mainly characterized by it’s functionality. Communication routes are separated from zones of individual and team work by support zones like meeting rooms, telephone booths or places for ad-hoc meetings. This helps to reduce visual and acoustic distractions generated by people moving around the office, and at the same time maintain the character of space that is wide open. The natural consequence of our strategy of working space was the introduction of “clean desk policy”.

Applied architectural solutions, way of narrative and source of ideas for interior, met with a very warm reception, both among regular users of space and their guests.

Main design assumptions:

  • Flexible and functional space that will enable implementation of task of any kind f.ex. work in concentration, creative, formal meetings, ad-hoc meetings
  • Distinctive design that will attract generation Y and Z during recruitment process
  • Flexible, large and common for the whole company social-networking space, with option of organising town hall meetings and conferences
  • Board Members zone without assigned offices, team work with common table (bench) instead
  • Implementing Activity based workplace + desk sharing in whole office (on various level depend on department mobility)
  • Upgraded more characteristic design in common areas
  • 19 zones of various design

Area: ok. 3 000 sqm

Employees: currently 330, ready for 400

Floor: 2

Location: Poland, Warsaw, Wołoska 24

Work characteristics: diverse, from the administrative functions to very creative

No. of meeting rooms: (do uzupełnienia) 38

% area dedicated to individual work (desk): 60%

% support zones (for meetings, social, etc.): 40%