About us

Human Office Polish company is a leading provider of solutions for interior design office in Poland.
Previously the Samas Poland operates in the country since 1996, won the recognition of many customers. Since 2010, the company was purchased by a group Human Office and the Office of Human name Poland is continuing its previous activity.

Our mission is to: Office of Human creates a human-friendly work environment
Our vision is: ergonomic and comfortable office thanks to the Human Office
Our values are: Human Health, Environment


A needs analysis is used to determine what you would like to achieve, how to be seen on the outside, how to work and what features should meet your workplace. The starting point of all our activities is to analyze the obtained information from you regarding the specifics of the work, observations and wishes and translate them into appropriate solutions to design interior design.


Our services form a complete solution at the highest level. Together with our customers we are working on concepts that are adapted to their needs and, at best further support their activities, and emphasized individuality. We help our customers to create attractive, functional and safe space as the working environment for their staff. Our rich collection offers great choice, allows for modification and combining systems as needed. Our consultants provide customers with the highest comfort.


Our company has its own service for the transportation and installation of furniture at the customer. We operate throughout the country serving logistically both small orders and large orders. In addition to Polish Human Office also carries out projects through a network of partner having the best service in Europe. We can help you both locally and abroad Polish.


Both for single workstations as well as for the entire office building, our chartered architects will prepare a draft land use planning. With professional software programs for interior design, our client is able to quickly obtain a bureau and 3D visualization with selected solutions. This gives you the opportunity to assess our customers’ end result in different variants in the planning stage.


Human Office applies both ecologically safe production technology, as well as materials which are produced furniture. For example, respecting the principles of sustainable development, the company maintains the power consumption and the environmental burden resulting from its production processes as low as possible. All packaging products may be reused for packaging or for energy production.


Our products are made of top quality materials. Their life cycle is planned for 15 years. Therefore, in the Office of Human we provide 5 year warranty on our office furniture. During the warranty we provide free annual inspections for our customers. Thanks to the high quality materials and furniture even long used intensively look attractive because they have no visual signs of wear. However, if you wish replacement or maintenance of our website is at your disposal.


Our factories are, among others, ISO 9001 quality and ISO 14001 production of caring for the environment, as well as EMAS demonstrating the possibility of using re-used in the production of raw materials and act in accordance with the program Cradle to Cradle, giving the opportunity to recycle products after completing the life cycle.
All of our products are tested by independent research centers in terms of compliance with European standards and in terms of safety. All our products meet EU standards (EU).