ALLEGRO - This project was awarded the best commercial space in Poland in 2017 - the Prime Property Prize 2017 statuette.

ALLEGRO – This project was awarded the best commercial space in Poland in 2017 – the Prime Property Prize 2017 statuette.

In this category are awarded commercial spaces (offices, retail spaces, hotels and residential spaces) for the best design, innovative architectural and design solutions, original and functional equipment, modern technologies.

Home is a place where we return to. It gives us positive feelings, making us want to spend our time there. It is a place where we perform our daily duties, but first of all it’s where we relax. We share it with our loved ones, and is a place where we invite our friends to.

While an office connotes with a cold, uninviting space. It’s a labyrinth of long corridors with no natural lighting, bland offices with unpleasant fluorescent light and noise, and co-workers hidden behind closed doors. Is this the kind of place where we enjoy working? Is this the kind of place we want to return to?

What if the office could look and feel more like home? What if we use different finish materials, more wood, warm colors, and place a greater number of plants?

What if meetings could take place in spaces similar to living rooms instead of boring conference rooms? Could a creative meeting zone look more like a workshop? Are there any obstacles to designing the common space like the well known areas at home such as kitchen and living room?

The architects from Workplace Solutions had asked themselves all of these questions by designing a brand new Allegro Group headquarter. They managed to create a place where people like to return. A space that helps to build new relationships. An environment where you will find the room to execute your everyday task with pleasure. A diversified, mobile, and creative melting pot.

The new Allegro office located in the Q22 building is prepared to accommodate 450 people on 3 floors. For the 5,500 sq.m. space, Workplace architects designed a tailored office environment for multi-faceted working place.

The 11th and 12th floors are where agile project teams works. These two floors are constructed form a collage of small offices (by the windows) and corresponding to the bigger system of common space. For each one of the so-called “mini offices”, they had incorporated three zones: desks, glass rooms designed for focused work and video chats for up to 3 people, and a creative space for brainstorming.